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About Us

ROXDOLL Cosmetics is a plant-based and cruelty-free hair, scalp and skin care line, created by Erika with a K, a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist and salon owner. Erika used her expertise and hands-on experience over the past 15+ years in the beauty industry to curate and create ROXDOLL Cosmetics, with YOU in mind.

Erika withak picture of the owner of ROXDOLL Cosmetics in a black suit with red lipstick


ROXDOLL Cosmetics is woman-owned and operated, made in the USA and is named after Erika's two pitbulls, Roxy & Dolly.

ROXY DOLLY two pitbulls in red and green plaid sweaters outside.

Quality First

When ROXDOLL Cosmetics was created, quality was our number one goal. This is why our entire line is created in small batches. This ensures the freshness of our products and overall provides a greater quality product. This means that we do not mass produce, to cut costs, nor do we cut costs by creating our formulas with cheap, harmful ingredients. Our approach is not only better for the hair, scalp, skin, and overall health, but it also helps reduce our environmental footprint.


While we are a small business, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint on Earth. How do we do this? Our bottles and jars are fully recyclable. We ship in USPS recyclable boxes with biodegradable packing tape. Inside you'll find our packing material is a little unconventional. The first and last layers are excelsior. Clean, non-allergenic, and dust-free. Made of natural hardwood strands. It is 100% natural and biodegradable. We wrap each individual bottle and jar in cushion paper that has a honeycomb design, as an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap.

Our goal is to become more sustainable as we grow. In the meantime here are some ways you can reuse, reduce, recycle and upcycle your ROXDOLL Cosmetics bottles, jars, and packing material. You can upcycle ROXDOLL's bottles and jars by making fun crafting projects out of them. The excelsior can be used in things like birdhouses, or you can compost it! The cushion paper can also be composted or it makes for a great enrichment toy for your pups! Just add treats and adult supervision. 

Small Business, Big Impact

Repurpose with Purpose

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