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Erika's Beauty Must-Haves 2022

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Erika with a k, owner and founder of ROXDOLL Cosmetics has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Through her hands-on experience as a hairstylist and makeup artist since 2005, Erika curated and created ROXDOLL Cosmetics to address the most common hair, scalp and skin care questions she has seen and heard over the past 15+ years.

Today we are breaking down her 2022 Beauty Must-Haves. Here is Erika's morning routine!

Let's start with the shower! Since Erika is regularly changing her hair color, she uses the Deep Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner to return hydration and moisture back into her hair! At least once a week, she uses the Deep Hydration Conditioner as a deep conditioning hair mask by leaving the Deep Hydration Conditioner in her hair, rinsing out the conditioner as the very last thing she does. When it comes to skincare, Erika uses the ROXDOLL Cosmetics Body Wash and Turmeric Body Scrub, from head to toe. It's important to note that every product in the ROXDOLL Cosmetics skincare line is gentle enough for use on the face or body.

After the shower, she uses the Hair, Scalp & Body Butter all over to lock in moisture (excluding her face). Next, she puts the Curl Defining Mousse in her hair and allows her hair to air dry. For her face, she uses the Brightening Serum followed by the Complexion Cream. After Erika's makeup is done, she uses the Hair, Scalp and Body Butter once more, but this time for her hair! The Hair, Scalp & Body Butter is used to finish off her signature messy pixie cut!

Click here for a video on Erika's full, in the shower face and body regimen:

Here is the complete list:

Brightening Serum

Complexion Cream

Body Wash

Turmeric Body Scrub

Hair, Scalp & Body Butter


Curl Defining Mousse

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