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How to Take Care of FRIED Hair!

Whatever the reason your hair is damaged, whether it's from a perm, highlights, after

bleaching, box color, a DIY at-home hair dye gone wrong, from the use of hot tools, etc., how to take care of your hair after the damage is done, is so important. Let's jump right into how to take care of fried hair, how to fix it before it breaks off, and how to reduce the amount of hair that is breaking off. Here are 8 steps you can do to fix (and prevent) hair breakage and reverse damage:

  • Start with salon-quality products. Toss your drugstore products, no matter the promise they sell, low-quality ingredients will never repair your damaged hair. Invest in professional products that prioritize results. Swapping out your everyday shampoo and conditioner for professional products will not only help repair your hair, but it will also prevent future damage. Look for products that offer hydration and moisture. We recommend the ROXDOLL Cosmetics Damage Control Kit. This Damage Control Kit includes the Deep Hydration Shampoo (8oz), the Deep Hydration Conditioner (8oz), and a FREE Frizz Control Cream (8oz). The kit provides noticeable repair to the hair shaft after one use. Continued use of the ROXDOLL Cosmetics Damage Control Kit will help restore moisture, hydration, resilience, and strength back to the hair while helping protect the hair from future damage. Shampoo your hair 1-3 times a week at most to avoid over-shampooing. This will allow the hair's natural oils to replenish, the hair's natural oils are necessary for the growth of healthy hair and to ensure the hair doesn't become even more dry and brittle.

  • Invest in a Deep Conditioning Treatment, and use it at least once a week or as often as needed. The ROXDOLL Cosmetics Damage Control Kit includes the Deep Hydration Conditioner which doubles are a Deep Conditioning Treatment. Apply it to your hair, from the ends and work your way up the hair shaft, apply a shower cap and allow it to work its magic for at least 30 minutes before rinsing. Shampoo if the Deep Hydration Conditioner was not applied to freshly cleaned hair.

  • Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair, once hair is rinsed and/or cleansed. The Daily Conditioner from ROXDOLL Cosmetics doubles as a leave-in conditioner. Once applied from the ends to the roots, do not rinse. The Daily Conditioner, when used as a leave-in conditioner, will provide extra moisture and protection. It will also help dangle your hair.

  • Once the hair has been properly cleaned and conditioned, apply the Frizz Control Cream (FREE with the Damage Control Kit), from the ends up the hair shaft to help maintain frizz. The Frizz Control Cream will also work with the Daily Conditioner as a protection against heat and environmental stressors.

  • Stop using hot tools altogether. We know this is hard but it is vital. Give your hair a chance to bounce back from the damage that has already been done. Allow your hair to air dry, and try different hairstyles that do not include straighteners, irons, and even blow dryers. Applying heat to already damaged hair will only continue to damage hair, creating more breakage, weakening the hair follicle, and keeping the hair in a cycle of perpetual damage. Healthy hair grows in a healthy environment.

  • Get regular haircuts. Keeping up with regular hair maintenance will allow your hair to grow to its fullest potential. Hair grows from the roots but it breaks from the ends of the hair strands. Getting regular haircuts slows down and often stops the breakage from working its way up the hair shaft.

  • Use the Biotin Hair Growth Oil at least once a week as an extra treatment to help mend the cuticle, and replenish oils in the hair that have been stripped out, while aiding in hair growth.

  • Lastly, stay away from permanent color for at least 4 weeks until your hair is in better condition. Permanent color opens the cuticle of the hair and deposits color. When the hair is fried or very damaged, applying permanent color will weaken the hair strand and make it more prone to damage. This can cause more breakage, and it can also cause the hair to hold less color and sometimes more color, causing muddy-looking ends. The color turnout will be unpredictable while causing more damage to the hair follicle.

We hope these tips not only inspire you to take better care of your hair but we hope it helped provide an understanding of the effects low-quality ingredients will have on your hair in the long run.

ROXDOLL Cosmetics was created by Erika with a k, a licensed cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She created ROXDOLL Cosmetics to provide solutions for the hair concerns she saw working behind the chair. Learn more about ROXDOLL Cosmetics.

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