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Summer Must-Haves

Whether you are going to a tropical island this Summer or enjoying a peaceful staycation, here are our Summer Must-Haves by category!

Skin Cleanser

Behind every beauty must-have, we have to start with a cleanser. Clean skin is key to building a skincare routine. When it comes to cleaning your face and body we recommend our Body Wash. Made with African Black Soap and Vitamin B & C with rich Pineapple Extracts to provide a gentle yet highly effective exfoliating action that is safe for daily use. Aloe and Pineapple Extracts, along with Papaya (Papain) Juice help to boost skin turnover, while providing soothing nourishment to the skin leaving you clear and transparent. Use on all skin types, from dry to oily, problem skin to clear, young to aging complexions. It's a must-have all year round!

Skin Exfoliation

If you are looking for a gentle but effective exfoliator to use before waxing, shaving, or applying self-tanner, tanning lotion, moisturizer, or SPF, we recommend our Turmeric Body Scrub. Our Turmeric Body Scrub brightens and energizes the look of dull fatigued skin. It lathers like soap and will slough off dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation, leaving skin bright and glowing. It hydrates and evens out skin tones, while it diminishes wrinkles and keeps skin supple by improving skin's elasticity. This invigorating formulation includes kojic acid making it perfect for those with scars and dark spots.

If you like our Turmeric Body Scrub, you'll LOVE our Summer Exclusive, Watermelon Sugar Scrub. Our Watermelon Sugar Scrub is made with watermelon powder, fruit acids, and plant oils, making it literally food for your skin! Hopefully, you can grab a jar while it is in stock!

Hair Cleanse and Detox

Our Detox Hair and Scalp Kit is a trio of products formulated to cut grease, remove product build-up, and get rid of the perpetual residue left behind from other shampoos and conditioners, once and for all; All while creating a healthy scalp environment to grow healthy hair. The best there is when it comes to removing pool water residue from the hair!


If you have fine hair that tangles and knots easily we recommend our Tangle Free Hair Kit. Our Tangle Free Hair Kit offers a gentle cleanse, safe for adults and kids, with all hair types, and textures, and safe for daily use. Our Tangle Free Hair Kit effortlessly melts away tangles and knots, making hair more manageable. It also helps tame frizz, humidity, and flyaways!

Hair Hydration

If your hair is feeling a little (or very) dry this Summer, don't leave home without our Damage Control Kit! Our Damage Control Kit provides noticeable repair to the hair shaft after one use. Continued use of our Damage Control Kit will help restore moisture, hydration, resilience, and strength back to the hair while helping protect the hair from future damage.

Naturally Curly Hair

If you wear your hair naturally curly and you are looking for low-maintenance hair products, we highly recommend our Curly Hair Starter Pack! Our Curly Hair Starter Pack is perfect for wash-and-go curly hair! It gently cleanses while locking in moisture. It helps balance the pH level of the scalp and provides superior shine, volume, and moisture without weighing down the hair. This trio is the perfect introduction to embracing your natural curls while remaining low-maintenance!

Soothe and Moisturize From Head To Toe

For the most versatile Summer Must-Have, we recommend our Hair, Scalp, and Body Butter. Our Hair, Scalp, and Body Butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, that improve the overall health of the hair, scalp, and skin. Let's break it down:

For the hair:

  • It strengthens the hair follicle, reduces hair loss and breakage, and makes hair grow thicker, healthier, and stronger.

  • It moisturizes, softens, and prevents damage from washing, styling, and UV rays.

  • It helps reduce frizz and boosts shine.

For the scalp:

  • It seals in moisture and reduces breakage and hair loss, making roots stronger which prevents hair fall out.

  • It treats scalp conditions such as dandruff and soothes an itchy, dry scalp.

For the skin:

  • It conditions, tones, and soothes skin.

  • It offers UV protection, prevents the development of wrinkles, helps clear and reduce acne, and soothes dry, patchy skin.

  • It supports cell function and skin health.

Shop our Mini Collection for 2oz travel sizes, safe for carry-on luggage! Take the guesswork out and shop our Sets that always include a FREE product! And for the most important pro tip of all, don't forget to wear SPF!

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